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The Open button on the ribbon in the Project Editor allows you to open and edit many fields and features for the project.


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The Project Information form contains general information about the Project, some of which was entered when creating a new Project.


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To edit other project related settings from the New Project Wizard like Locations, Systems, and Contract Percentages, click the Settings dropdown on the right-side of the ribbon:


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Company Address


There is a unique setting in the Project Information form that wasn't a part of the New Project Wizard and that is the ability to choose your Company Address that will display on your reports.


Click the "Use specific company address" to either type in a new address click the "Select" link to choose from any of the addresses you've entered for your Company Information.


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This is also one way to access the Notes field where you can add/edit notes for the project. This is one big text field for adding Notes throughout the life of a project. You can manually edit this field and you can use Snippets.


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Another way to access Notes is to use Open->Notes directly in the Project Editor:


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Scope of Work


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To add/edit the Scope of Work for a Project, click the Open->Scope of work button on the ribbon, click here for details.

Wire Connections


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Click here for details.



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The Project Comments form allows you to add any information you wish to track. Each entry is automatically tagged with the date, time, and User name of who made the comment. You can export your comments to Excel or PDF if desired.







The History button will open a form that will show the Check In/Out history of the Project, as well as list any changes to fields:


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