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Project Editor

The Project Editor interface is where you will be making edits to a Project, primarily building your Bill of Materials (BOM) by adding Products/Labor Items/Packages to the Project. You can also adjust your Settings on a per Project basis via the Project Editor interface.


To open Project Editor for a Project, in the Project Explorer either double-click the Project or select the Project and click Open->Project Editor button on the Home tab.


open project editor.jpg


This will open the Project Editor for the selected Project:


project editor.jpg

Tabs and Ribbon


There are various tabs along the top of the interface and the functions that display on the ribbon will vary per tab:




There some functions and settings that will display on every tab of the Project Explorer.



view dropdown.jpg


The View dropdown will allow you to change what data displays and how it displays in the Project Editor. Click here for details.



The Filter section of the ribbon is also consistent on all tabs.


filter section.jpg


The Quick Filter function allows you to filter the items in the Project Editor. Click here for details.


quick filter.jpg

Auto-Fit and Refresh


auto fit and refresh.jpg


These two functions are also available on every ribbon.




settings dropdown.jpg


Also available on every tab is a dropdown to access the settings options for a project. You can find the details for most of these settings here. Making changes to the settings here will apply only to this specific project with a few exception. Project Settings and Application Settings available throughout SI and are "global" for your machine and not project specific.

Item Validation


The one setting specific to the Project Editor is the Item Validation Settings. This opens the following dialog where you can determine what (if any) criteria you would like to set to flag items in the Project Editor. These settings will save globally for your machine and apply to all projects.


item validation settings.jpg


When an item is flagged an icon displays next to the item in the Project Editor and if you hover over the icon the validation errors will display:


validation error.jpg

Change Orders


If you have an approved project open you will see an additional Setting for managing Change Orders for the Project.


settings change order.jpg


Click here for details.

Other Tabs and Functions




Click the following links for details on the functions for each of the various tabs: Project Tab, Tools Tab, Layouts Tab, QuickBooks Tab, Reports Tab, Customer Portal Tab.

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