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Upgrading to SI v14



These instructions will cover upgrading from the following previous versions of SI: SI v12, SI 2018, SI 2017, SI 2016, SI 2015, SIX 2013.


The upgrade to SI is not a side by side install. It is an update to your existing SI installation. Thus it is imperative that you backup your SI data in the event that you wish to roll back to your previous version or if there are any unforeseen issues/errors while updating to SI.


You will not be able to update any of your SI Clients until you update your SI Server to SI.


When the SI update is available to you, you will see the following message when you launch an SI 2018 (or before) Client:


version update prompt.jpg


Back up your current SI Data


  1. Have all Users Check-In all projects and close their SI Client.
  2. Open the SI Administration Console on your SI Server:


desktop icon.png


  1. Click the [Backup SI Server] button:


server manager int.png


  1. Check the box verifying that you have completed step 1 then click [Continue]:


confirm operation.png


  1. Choose a different backup location path if desired, click [Backup SI Server]:


choose path.png


You will get a confirmation when the backup is complete:


backup confirmation.png


Upgrade your SI Server


On your SI Server, click Start->All Programs->D-Tools->Check for SI Server Updates:


check for server update.png


You will see a message similar to this one:


version server update prompt.jpg


Follow the on-screen prompts to download the SI Server Upgrade. Click here for instructions on installing the SI Server.


Note: during the upgrade you will be prompted to backup your SI Server. If you skipped that step above, you really should perform the backup when prompted.


backup prompt.png

Upgrade your SI Clients


Once your SI Server has been upgraded to SI, the next time you launch an SI 2018 (or earlier) Client, you will see the following prompt:


client update prompt.png


Click [OK] and you will see a screen similar to the one below:


client notification.png


Follow the on-screen prompts to download the SI Client Upgrade. Click here for instructions on installing the SI Client.

Upgrade Legacy Schedule (SIX 2013)


The following only applies if you are upgrading from SIX 2013


If you used the Scheduling Editor in SIX 2013, you will need to upgrade your "legacy schedule" to the new SI format.


Open SI and click Start->Projects->Manage Projects:


manage projects.png


Select the Project for which you want to update the schedule and click the Tasks tab along the bottom of the interface and then click the [Upgrade Legacy Schedule] button. This button will only be active if there is a legacy schedule to update.


legacy schedule.png


You will get a confirmation of the upgrade:


legacy confirmation.png


Any previous Tasks from SIX 2013 will now display on the Tasks tab and they will be editable in SI.

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