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SI v14 Release Notes




Major Features


Gantt View for projects to create planning tasks which can be converted to installation tasks

Create custom checklists and associate to Tasks, Service Orders and Projects. Checklists can be published to Mobile Install.

Business Analytics (Chart and List) on Projects, Project Items, Change Orders, Service Orders, Tasks, Service Plans and Purchase Orders

Display customized and user configurable Business Analytics on Home Page



Improved user interface, ribbons and icons

Support System DPI Awareness (4K Monitor Support)

Setting to share QuickBooks and Report Settings with all users

Option to share custom layouts with all users

QuickBooks Settings to use project number as estimate number and PO number as purchase order number



Added four List (dropdown) and four Boolean custom fields to Products/Labor Items (catalog and projects)

Can now view up to 10,000 products per page

Add rounding options to calculated items

Add case button in manage IOs dialog

Add option to update Part Number field in SI from Portal.io



Added Client Type of Lead, Prospect and Client for Clients

Added a Lead Source field for Clients

Added Comments field to Clients, Contacts and Vendors



Project Item Summary view improvements - Location and System grouping options and option to display packages

Added Estimated Close Date and Closed Date fields to Projects

Added Sales Rep, Project Manager and Designer fields to Projects

Quick Compare of Unit Cost of project items with catalog and quick update of cost from catalog

New taxes and new phases can be used on multiple pending Change Orders

Mark an approved or rejected change order as pending

Change Order history view

Projects Component Id to have option to prefix parent item Component ID

Placeholders can split out Cost and Price options

Display the “Phase labor cost” and “Phase labor price” in “Labor Unit cost” and “Labor Unit price” columns in Project Editor

Project Import to have option to select project status

Allow for more editable fields in Project Editor grid control

Add "Order Numbers" column in Project Explorer

Add Project Setting to Maintain Shapes/Blocks and Connections

Add a count field for selected items from project dialogs

Add option for fixed additional taxes to account for discretionary surtax in Florida

Option to Bcc current user when publish to Vendor Portal

Purchase Orders


Bulk Purchase Order creation for projects and catalog items

Allow users to select which project items to remove from a purchase order line item when quantity reduced 



Mass Update task and service order prompts to publish to mobile install

Add System Defined schedule statuses

Make Client and Project clickable links in Mobile Install 



Add Search to Report Import/Export

Add option to “Delete from server” while deleting report groups

Enable "Summarize in Client Reports" functionality for Allowances

Service Plans


Add more options for billing frequency and allowable hours

Workflow Rules


Reminder notification for projects not checked in for xx days

Add Project name in Purchase order workflow notifications



Points implementation with schematic shapes to represent points in Visio with reporting

Visio Smart Callout shape works with wires and 1D shapes

Improve Visio Off Page Reference shape speed



New API to export Service Plans, Service Orders, Purchase Orders and Tasks

API Automation - export (to the API) of updated catalog products every 24 hours

API Automation -  automate project creation, change order creation, product creation and client creation

API to support deleted of items with specific quantity in existing projects



Line Item Detail Reports not respecting OFE Report Setting

Labels must be same quantity for finish wire in Item Receipt label report

When adding new items to a fully received purchase order change the status to “Partially Received”

User without view all client permission can see other clients in the select project dialog for new task according to project status applied

Off page reference paste and paste special bugs fixed

Cloning an archived service order should not create the cloned service order as archived

Crash error when creating projects with large text in all custom fields and project notes

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