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Update From

The Update From button on the Tools tab of the Project Editor has a manual way to update Project data from the following sources: Tasks, Purchase Orders, Service Plans, and Integrations.


update from.jpg


These functions are only necessary if you happen to have a Project open while data has changed on any of those entities.


When a Project is checked out and opened, fields for Tasks*, Service Plans, and Integrations update automatically. For Purchase Orders you will be prompted whether or not to update, which items to update, and what fields to update.


*There is a Project Setting for Tasks that can be turned off if you do not want fields to update from Tasks, see below



By default, the following Task fields for items will automatically update when a Project is opened: Task Number, Picked, Picked Date, Installed, Installed Date, Install Notes, Serial Number, IP Address 1, IP Address 2, MAC Address 1, and MAC Address 2.


task fields.jpg


There is a Project Setting if you do not want this data to update automatically:


task project setting.jpg


Note: Many of these fields can be manually updated for items within the Project Editor for users who don't use our Task function but still want to utilize these fields.


You can also modify most of these fields when editing an item on the General tab and the Order and Install tab:


install fields general.jpg


install fields order and install.jpg


You can also use the Update->Install Status function in the Project Editor to update multiple items at one time.

Service Plans


When a Project is opened the following fields for items will update if those items have been added to a Service Plan associated with the Project: Service Plan Number, Service Plan Status, Service Plan Start Date, and Service Plan End Date.


service plan fields.jpg


This is automatic and will reflect the current values of the fields within the Service Plan. These fields are not editable within the Project Editor and must be updated within the Service Plan.


The "Include in Service Plan" option is an exception in that this field can be modified for an item within the Project Editor:


include in service plan.jpg


The purpose of this field is that when a Service Plan is created for Project with items that have this option checked, you will be prompted to add these items to the Service Plan as Project Items.


Note: Checking this option for an item within the Project Editor will not automatically add the item to any existing Service Plans for the Project. Also, this field does need to be selected for items to be added to a Service Plan for the Project. Its purpose is just for the prompt when creating new Service Plans.

Purchase Orders


By default when you open a Project you will be prompted to update Purchase Order fields for items that have been added to or modified on a Purchase Order. 


update po prompt.jpg


There is a Project Setting if you do not want this data to update automatically:


po project setting.jpg


Clicking Yes will open the following form.


update project items.jpg


All items are selected for update by default but you can pick and choose if you only want to update some of the items. All items are marked to "Auto Assign Serial Numbers and MAC Addresses" as well. This means that SI will randomly assign the Serial Numbers and MAC Addresses to the Products in the Project. If you want to manually choose which items you wish to assign these fields to, uncheck this option and click the Assign Serial Numbers and MAC Addresses button:


assign serial numbers.jpg


This will open the following form where you can use the arrow buttons to assign these fields to specific products:


assign serial numbers 2.jpg


When ready, click the Next button. Here you can choose which fields you wish to update:


update project items 2.jpg



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