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Update Similar Items

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This feature allows you to update all similar items (same Manufacturer and Model) within a project without first having to filter/find and select all of the items. This can be very useful depending when updating items that are accessories.


similar items.jpg


Select an item in from the grid within the Project Editor and then click the [Similar Items] button on the ribbon. The following form will open:


update similar items options.jpg


In the example above only one item was selected (Component ID = 215-D-07) and 50 similar items were found. If you select more than one of the same Product, e.g. you want to update only some of the similar items vs. all, the last item selected in the grid will be the one that the other items will be updated from.


In the example below four similar items were selected so you see the option to update just the selected items. The item with Component ID = 214-D-09 will the "base line" item:


update selected.jpg


Make you selections of which fields you want to update, by default all are selected. Click OK when done and you will get a confirmation message.

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