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Change Orders to QuickBooks Estimate

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Once a Change Order is approved, the items on the Change Order (additions and deletions) can be exported to QuickBooks as a new Estimate or they can be exported to an existing QuickBooks Estimate.


Note: You can only push over a Change Order to a new QuickBooks Estimate if the net value of the Change Order is positive. If the net value is negative, your only option is to push the Change Order to an existing Estimate.


For full details on pushing an Estimate to QuickBooks, click here. This page will focus on what happens when you add to an existing QuickBooks Estimate.

Add to Existing Estimate


Open the approved Change Order from the Change Orders tab along the bottom of the Project Explorer interface:



open button.jpg


You following prompt will display:




When the Change Order opens, click the QuickBooks tab and then click the Add to Existing Estimate button and select All:


add to existing.jpg


You will be prompted to select or enter the QuickBooks Estimate number that you wish to append:


select estimate.jpg


The Add to Existing Estimate form will open. Here you can review the changes you are about to send to QuickBooks, as well as change the description for the Change Order:


add to existing form.jpg


When you click the Add to Estimate button and the Change Order transfers, you will get a confirmation message:


estimate confirmation.jpg


When you click OK, you will be prompted to save the Change Order:


save prompt.jpg


Your Change Order description and items will be appended to the Estimate in QuickBooks:


change order added to estimate.jpg


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