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Creating QuickBooks Items

Any Item that you want to transfer to a QuickBooks Estimate from a Project or a Service Order must have a corresponding Item in QuickBooks. The Create feature in SI allows you to create QuickBooks Items from SI Items, either in bulk or one by one when Creating a QuickBooks Estimate. You can also map to existing QuickBooks Items if you wish. Once Items from SI are linked to a QuickBooks Item, you can use the Sync functionality for any changes made between the items in either software.


There are QuickBooks Settings relating to how Products/Labor Items will be named in QuickBooks as a QuickBooks Item. The QuickBooks Item Name will populate the Accounting field on the Item in SI:


accounting id.jpg


The SI fields that transfer to QuickBooks are: Unit Cost, Unit Price, Vendor, Tax Code (taxable or non-taxable), Short Description, Long Description, Item Number, and *Custom Fields.


SI Fields QuickBooks Field
Unit Cost Cost
Unit Price Sales Price
Vendor Preferred Vendor
Tax Code Tax Code
Short Description

Purchase Description

Long Description Description
Item Number Manufacturer's Part Number
*Custom Fields (any) *Custom Fields (1-5)

*Custom Fields in SI can be mapped to any of the five available Custom Fields in QuickBooks. Click here for details.

Bulk Creation


  1. In the Product Explorer or Labor Explorer, select all of the Products or Labor Items you with to transfer to QuickBooks.
  2. Click the QuickBooks tab then the Create button:


create button.jpg


  1. The Create QuickBooks Items form will open. Verify the information and click Next :


create items form.jpg


  1. On this form, choose your Item Type, Vendor, Tax Code and Accounts. Click Create to create new QuickBooks Items for the selected Products.


chart of accounts inventory.jpg


The required accounts will vary on your Item Type setting.

Map to QuickBooks Items


If you would rather map Items in SI to existing QuickBooks Items you can use the Map feature. Each Product must be mapped individually so this can be a time-consuming process


  1. In the Product Explorer or Labor Explorer, select a Product or Labor Item and click the Map button:


map button.jpg


  1. Choose the QuickBooks Item on the form and click the Map button:


map form.jpg

Estimates/Purchase Orders


If you attempt to create a QuickBooks Estimate or QuickBooks Purchase Order that have items that have not yet been linked to a QuickBooks Item, you will be prompted to create the items.


prompt to create.jpg


You can click No on the prompt above if you would rather map the items to existing QuickBooks Items:


map buttton on estimate.jpg


If you choose to create new QuickBooks Items the following form opens where you can choose your accounts in QuickBooks:


create items form estimate.jpg

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