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Running Change Order Reports



When you choose to run a report for a Project with pending Change Orders, you can decide whether to run the report for all approved items in the Project, or to run the report for a pending Change Order:


select project.jpg


There are no specific "Change Order" reports in SI. If you upgraded from a previous version of SI to SI, your customized Change Order reports will display under the "Client" Category.


When you run any "Proposal" or "Line Item Detail"-style reports or the "Quote" report for a pending Change Order, the wording will change to "CHANGE ORDER":


change order text.png


There is a Report Setting that allows you to enter whatever wording you wish:


report setting.jpg

Approved Change Orders


To run a report for an approved Change Order, open the Change Order directly from the Change Orders tab in the Project Explorer and run the report directly from the Project Editor:



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