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November 13, 2018 Update

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This is a "client-side" only update, i.e. you do not have to update your SI Server. This update is numbered 6.13.2689.0 and is a collection of bug fixes.


  • Crash with message "Key not found: 'totalpricetc' Parameter name: key" on checking in all projects on close of SI
  • Crash error when adding tax group based on project address lookup in the New Project Wizard
  • Fonts can display incorrectly on 4K monitors
  • Labor items with ignore labor in package and based on phase have a cost
  • Project Editor can open in different monitor when clicked on different monitor
  • Preview button in Standard Report Designer not working
  • Sometimes the placeholder text in search fields doesn't clear when you type in a search
  • Automatically export project to first integration
  • Use Tax Margin/Markup setting not respected in Install Price dialog
  • "Check in project" can display for Service Orders for projects already checked in
  • Wire Component IDs may get misaligned in Visio Schematic drawing
  • AutoCAD - Elevation Blocks - Equipment Rack block not resizing for drawings made with Millimeters Scale
  • Add Avalara setting to turn off address validation
  • Set DocType in Avalara API Project Number
  • Avalara tax code not getting applied for items in change order
  • Prompts to update Avalara Tax code for labor items in Project
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