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Are you looking for a download link ?
"I need a download link to install D-Tools on my new system"
"I am trying to log into my software but my system tells me to check for updates, and when I check for updates, it 
says my system is arleady update to date. What do I do?"

Sometimes your client will not be able to update using the check for updates feature. Please use the
links below for all of the most recent builds for each version of our System Integrators. 

If you have any questions on what version software you are running please open your server 
manager and look at which version you are running.

Now click on the correct version to install the correct software. If you have problems finding this 
information, or if you are using our Hosted Solution please contact support. 

SI 2018 R1 - Version 6.13.XXXX.X

SI 2018     -  Version 6.12.XXXX.X

SI 2017 R3 - Version 6.11.XXXX.X

SI 2017 R2 - Version 6.10.XXXX.X

SI 2017 R1 - Version 6.9.XXXX.X

SI 2016 R3 - Version 6.8.XXXX.X

SI 2016 R2 - Version 6.7.XXXX.X

SI 2016 R1 - Version 6.6.XXXX.X

SI 2015 R2 -  Version 6.5.XXXX.X 

SIX 2013 R2 - Version 6.3.XXXX.X
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