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Getting Started


This guide provides an overview of how to set up an account and navigate the D-Tools Forum.


The purpose of the forum is to allow peer-to-peer communication for D-Tools System Integrator and Cloud platforms. If you are looking to report bugs or need technical support, please contact support at support@d-toolshelp.com.


To submit feature requests, please use Canny:

SI requests

DT Cloud requests

Set up an Account

To create a new login for the forum, please follow this link.




  1. After filling out the sign-up form, please check your email for an invite to join the new forum. (Note: this might be delivered in your junk inbox)
  2. Accept the invite
  3. Create a password

Access the Forum

To log into the forum, please go to connect.d-tools.com to login.




Note: This is a Zoho service, however, you will be directed to the forum after entering your username and password previously created.


To access the Forum, select the “Forums” section on the right pane:




To follow any specific Category, select the “Follow” Icon at the top. You will have the ability to quickly navigate to:

  • Recent Posts
  • Posts I Follow
  • My Posts
  • My Drafts
  • Bookmarks

Update Settings and Notifications

To update personal settings and notifications, select the top right icon:




My Profile

Select My Profile to update personal settings:




  • Add and upload a picture
  • Edit Profile
  • Update Display Name
  • About Me
  • Interests
  • Skills
  • Timezone
  • Social Media Information
Notification Settings

Select Notification Settings to update notifications:




Here you can update how and when you are notified.




Create a New Post

Click the large plus (+) icon at the top right of the screen to create a new post:




Select a Category (Product Type) that is relevant for the post:




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