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Managing Tasks




You can manage your Tasks via the Task Explorer:


manage tasks start.png




You can also view and manage Tasks via the Calendar or via the optional product Mobile Install.

Viewing Tasks


By default, all Tasks will display in the Task Explorer:




You can filter your Tasks via the QuickFilter button:




You can filter via the column filters:




You can also filter by Client and/or Project in the tree on the left side of the Task Explorer:


client project filter.png


Editing Tasks


To edit a Task, you can double-click in the Task Explorer grid or you can select the Task and click the [Edit] button:


edit button.png


This will open the task for edit. If a Task has been completed, you can change the Progress to "Completed":


progress completed.png


You can also change the "% Complete" field to 100%:


percent completed.png


If the Task is not completed, you can choose an appropriate Progress and % Complete if you wish.


You can also enter the Actual Hours on the Resources tab if you wish to track this:




When Actual Hours are entered, you can run the Task Labor Analysis and Task Labor Costing reports, see Task Reports.


To mark which Items were installed, click the Items tab and select the Items you want to mark as installed and click the [Update Install Status] button:




This will open a form where you can choose the Installed Date and and any Install Notes to the Item(s) selected:


update install status form.png

Project Fields Affected


When you use the Update Install Hours function for Items in a Task, those fields are updated for the Items within the Project the next time you open the Project Editor:


project fields updated.png


If for some reason, you don't want these fields to update, you can turn this function off in your Project Settings:




Mobile Install Users


Click the [Update From] button in the Mobile Install section of the ribbon of the Task Explorer:


manage tasks start.png





This will update the Task with information added within the Mobile Install web interface. You will get a confirmation once updated:


update task confirmation.png


You can now edit the Task within SI 2015. You will want to, at a minimum, edit the Progress field to mark the Task as Completed (if that is the case):




Note: The % Complete field updates from Mobile Install, but the Progress field for a Task in SI 2015 does not update from the Status field in Mobile Install, they are independent settings since the Progress list is customizable in SI 2015.




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