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Additional Reports


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This is a list of free additional reports you can download.



These are additional reports you can download and import into SI 2015. Click here for instructions on importing reports.

Client Reports


Proposals by Priority - This set of six Proposal reports allow you choose the sort order for Items.

Proposals (Install Price) - No Labor Breakout in Summary - This set of three Proposal (Install Price) reports do not break out labor as a separate line item in the Project Summary section. Instead, a "Total Installation Price" field displays that includes Equipment + Labor + Price Adjustments.


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Proposal with Images - EchoSign - This report incorporates subreports using EchoSign fields to add the ability to sign the Proposal electronically.

Installation Reports


Wire Reports with Wire Length - This set of two reports are the "Wire Checklist" and "Wire Connections" reports with the Wire Length field added.


wire checklist with length.png


Wire Checklist with Package Names- This report displays the name of the Package next to any wires that are part of a Package.


wire checklist with package name.png


Wire Connections Grouped by the "From" Item - This report displays wire connections made on Schematic pages in Visio/AutoCAD and is grouped by the "From Item", i.e. the device where the wire starts.


wire connections grouped by from item.png


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