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This describes the various machine configurations recommended/required to install SI 2016.



SI 2016 is intended to be used in a multi-user multi-computer environment.


SI 2016 must be installed on Windows, there is no Mac version of SI 2016. If using a Mac, you will need to install on Windows either in Bootcamp, Parallels, or some other virtualization software.

Network Configurations


The SI 2016 Server should be installed on a dedicated server or on a desktop machine on your network or you could choose to install your SI 2016 Server on a cloud-hosted machine.


Unless you are a single user, installing the SI 2016 Server on a laptop is not recommended as laptops are portable and can easily be removed from your network.


The machine running the SI 2016 Server must have an internet connection for registration and updating your registration.


The SI 2016 Client can be installed on as many machines on your network as you desire, regardless of how many licenses of SI 2016 you have purchased. The SI 2016 Client can be installed on the same machine as your SI 2016 Server, but this is not required. This is common for single users who want to run both the SI 2016 Server and SI 2016 Client on their laptop.

Hosted Solution


We offer a Hosted Solution through Amazon Web Services (AWS) that will house your SI 2016 Server.


The D-Tools hosted solution is a “plug and play” option for users that are looking for mobility and to store their D-Tools SI 2016 Server on the Cloud. Each customer has their very own D-Tools Server instance powered by the latest generation Windows Server 2012.


The D-Tools Hosted Solution includes the D-Tools SI 2016 server management application and comes completely configured with SQL Server 2012. The D-Tools Hosted Solution is powered by Amazon Web Services™ for the ultimate in scalability, security, and performance


The D-Tools Hosted Solution offers users the option to purchase the software and host the server instance in the cloud which enables them a lower cost of entry and removes the need for costly in-house IT infrastructure.


For security, the pre-configured firewall only allows traffic from the D-Tools SI 2016 application, and the only ports opened to traffic are 9010, 1433 and 1434. For enhanced security, the connection to those ports can be tied to your specific IP address therefore only computers on your network can connect to your cloud server. Our technical support team performs the installation and setup for you.


Click here for more details.

Virtual Machines


Both the SI 2016 Server and SI 2016 client can be installed on a virtual machine if desired.

On a Mac


When using a virtual machine software like Parallels or VMware Fusion, make sure that your network adapter is set to Type "Bridged Ethernet" vs. "Shared Networking".

Common Configurations


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