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You can access the Scheduling Calendar via the Start menu:


calendar manage.png


The Calendar will display Tasks and Service Orders:


calender interface.png


You can choose which Resources and/or Projects to view:


resource project filters.png


You can change the view via the options on the ribbon:




The Timeline feature will list the Tasks and Service Orders assigned to the selected Resources in a granular level of time:


timeline view.png


The default is half hour increments but you can change that via the "Change your interval duration" link:


change interval.png


You can choose to Merge the selected calendars with via the [Merge Calendar] button:


merge calendar button.png


This will merge the calendars into one calendar:


merged view.png


You can export your calendar to an .ics file:


export button.png


You can print your calendar:


print options.png


When you select a Task or a Service Order on the Calendar (select multiple using [Shift] or [Ctrl]) you can generate Reports:


task and so reports.png


Click for information on Task Reports or Service Order Reports.


You can use the [Send To] button to send an Email, Appointment, or Task through Outlook. You can also send an Appointment to either Google Calendar or Outlook.com Calendar.


sent to button.png


Click for information on sending Tasks or sending Service Orders.


If you wish to edit a Task or Service Order, double-click on them or select them and click the [Edit] button on the ribbon:


edit button.png


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