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Excel Wire Connections

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The Excel Wire Connections report will display all of the wires within a Project and list any connections that you have made in our Visio and/or AutoCAD interfaces. However, this report must be filtered to just show wires or it will run for all equipment within the Project (Excel reports cannot be pre-filtered like our Standard reports can). See Filtering Excel Reports.


This report will has quite a few fields broken down into four main sections: Project Name, Wire Information, From Device Information, To Device Information.


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Project Name - This just lists the Project Name.


Field Label on Report
Project Name ProjName


Wire Information


Field Label on Report
Wire Component ID CompID
Manufacturer Mfr_W
Model Model_W
Subcategory Type
Head End HeadEnd
Wire Length Length

From Device


Field Label on Report
Product Component ID ID_F
Manufacturer/Model MfrMod_F
Label of Output Label_F
Terminal of Output Term_F

To Device


Field Label on Report
Product Comp ID_T
Manufacturer/Model MfrMod_T
Label of Input Label_T
Terminal of Input Term_T
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