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Adding Calculated Fields

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This post will demonstrate how you can add calculated fields to a custom report in SI 2017.



In this example we will be adding a calculated field to a Proposal With Images report to display a "monthly maintenance fee". This fee will be a percentage based on the Equipment total and we will use Project Custom Field 1 to make the percentage variable.


  1. Open the Standard Report Designer. Click Start->Reports->Standard Report Designer:




  1. Click the [New] button:


new report button.png


  1. The New Report Wizard (NPR) will open. Click [Next]:




  1.  Select the Proposal With Images report and click [Next]:


selected report.png


  1. Name your report and then click [Next] through all of the rest of the steps, then click [Finish] on the last step of the NPR:


name the report.png


  1. When the Report opens, scroll down to the bottom of the report. Drag a Label from the ToolBox and place where you want it on the report. In this example we placed the label after the Project Summary (which is a subreport) and before the signature lines:


drag label.png


Type your label text and format the field however you desire:


formatted label.png


  1. Drag over a Text Box to be used for the calculated value. Note what section you add the field to. In this example it has been added ot the "grpSummaryDetail" section:


drag text box.png


Name and format the Text Box. In this example we named the text box "txtMonthly", chose right alignment, set the OutputFormat to be "c" (for currency), and change the SummaryType to "GrandTotal":


formatted text box.png


So now we have added the two fields that will display on the report. Next we will add a field to the report that will be not display on the report but that we need for our calculation. In this example we will use Project Custom Field 1 to allow the user to enter a percentage to be used in the calculation.


  1. Drag over the dtr:CustomProperties/dtr:CP1/dtr:Value field to the body of the report:


add custom field.png



Name and format the Text Box. Here we have given it a color so that it is visible here in the Report Designer, shrunk down the size, and set the Visible property to be "False" so that it won't display on the generated report.


properties of custom field.png



Now we are just about ready to add some script to generate the "monthly fee" but first we have to get the name of field whose value we want to use in our calculation. In this example, we will use the "Project Subtotal" value since that will be the value of all of the Equipment in the Project.


  1. Select the field and make a note of the Name of the field and of the section the field is in. In this example the name of the field is "TextBox1" and the section is "grpSubTotal". 


subtotal box.png


Ok, now comes scripting. We will need to pull some values from fields on the report, build a formula, and return the result of the formula to the report. Formula will look something like this: Total Price of Equipment * Project Custom Field 1 * / 100 / 12. Formula is broken down below:


Total Price of Equipment - the value of TextBox1 in the grpSubTotal section

Project Custom Field 1 - the value entered in the Custom Field, entered as a whole number, e.g. 8% would be 8, not .08

100 - dividing by 100 to convert the Project Custom Field 1 value to a decimal. Yes, you could just have your users enter the value as a decimal...but I didn't do that.

12 - dividing by 12 because this is a monthly fee

Result - the calculated result needs to be returned to txtMonthly in the grpSummaryDetail section


  1. Click the Script tab at the bottom of the Report Designer, scroll down to the bottom and add the following script:


script tab.png


script added.png


Note: script below for copying/pasting. Of course you can modify the names of the text boxes and report sections based on your custom report. You can also download this sample report further down in this post and copy/paste the script from there. Report Utilites are used in this script. For a complete list of Report Utilities check out the Download section at the bottom of this page.


Sub grpSummaryDetail_BeforePrint
    dim eqtotal as Double = ReportUtilities.ReturnTextBoxValue(rpt, "grpSubTotal", "TextBox1")
    dim percentage As Double
    Double.TryParse(ReportUtilities.ReturnTextBoxValue(rpt, "grpSummaryDetail", "txtCP1"),percentage)

    dim result as Double = eqtotal * percentage / 100 / 12
    ReportUtilities.SetTextBoxValue(rpt, "grpSummaryDetail", "txtMonthly", result)
End Sub


  1. Publish the report.


publish report.png


Run the report against a Project where you have entered a value for the percentage desired in the Custom Field 1:


project custom field.png


Output below:





You can download and import the sample project that was built during this example.


You can also download a help file that lists out all of our available Report Utilities. This is a zip file that you may need to "unblock" before unzipping. Once downloaded, right-click the file and select Properties, then click the [Unblock] button. Then uzip the file.


unblock report utilities.png


This is a .chm help file:


report utilities chm file.png

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