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Report Themes

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Report Themes can be downloaded from D-Tools and used to change the appearance of your Proposal Reports. Report themes add different Page Header and Group Header graphics to the standard Proposal Reports.



The first time you attempt to use Themes when running a Proposal Report, you will be prompted to download the current Themes (you need an internet connection for this):


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You can also manually download at any time via the Themes button on the ribbon in the Report Explorer, Project Explorer, or Project Editor:


themes project editor.png


This button will open the Report Settings interface to the Themes tab:


report settings.png


You can set your themes for the Proposal reports in SI 2017 at the top of the interface. You can also set Legacy Themes for older Proposal, Proposal With Image, Proposal With Large Image reports, and/or other Client reports.

SI 2017 Reports


When you choose to set a theme via the "Select" link, the following form will open and allow you to choose a theme for your SI 2017 Client reports:


new themes form.png


You can delete any legacy Themes you don't want and you can also add your own Themes via the New button:


new button.png


Click here for details on creating custom Report Themes for SI 2017.

Legacy Reports


When setting the theme for a legacy report, the Theme form will open and allow you to set a Theme for the chosen Proposal style:


theme form.png


This applies to any custom reports from SI 2016 that you carried over to SI 2017 or to the Legacy SI 2016 reports that you can import from here.


Once assigned, the theme will display in your Report Settings. Here you can also set the theme for other Client reports to match your chosen Proposal theme.


legacy report settings.png


You can turn off the Theme feature on a per Report Definition basis by unchecking the "Use Image Theme" or "Use Theme" Parameter:




You can delete any legacy Themes you don't want and you can also add your own Themes via the New button:


add new theme.png


Click here for details on creating new Report Themes for legacy SI Reports (reports created prior to SI 2017).

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