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Cable Tray Shapes

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This page describes the shapes in the Cable Tray Shapes stencil:


cable tray shapes.png


These shapes can be used to show the cable tray layouts for locations on a Plan style page in Visio.


Note: Because there are so many variations in sizes for cable trays, these shapes are not linked to Products in your SI 2017 Catalog. However, you can certainly link them to Products once you've added them to a page via the Link to Product function on the right-click menu:


link to product.png



4 way.png













Shape Data Window


All user adjustments are accessed through the Shape Data window.


shape data.png


shape data window.png


Note: some of these shapes will have different properties in this window.


Tray Style - There are three fill options: Tray Wire and Fill (default), Tray Wire Only, Fill Only.


fill options.png


Tray Width - The Tray Width property is a drop down menu that allows you to adjust the width of the tray opening. The width has been preset to all the industry standard sizes from 6” to 48”.


Tray Length - The Tray Length property allows you to set the length of the tray in all the shapes except the Cable Tray Elbow and the Cable Tray Drop shapes.  The shapes are designed to only adjust in one dimension but calculates in both X and Y dimensions and can be adjusted by the control handle of the shape or a number can be entered directly into this field.


Tray Depth - The Tray Depth property is a drop down menu that allows you to adjust the depth of the tray. The depth list has been preset from 2” to 6”.


Tray Radius - The Tray Radius property can be used to adjust the radius of the shape to better match the manufacturer specifications and is interactive with the Tray Width and Tray Length.


tray radius.png


Tray Width Reduced - The Tray Width Reduced property is a drop down menu and only works with the Cable Tray Reducer shape.  This field allows you to set the Tray Width on one side as normal and then set the reduced size on the other.

width reduced.png


Tray Elbow Angle - The tray elbow angle is only on the Cable Tray Elbow shape.  It is a drop down menu that allows you to set the angle of the elbow to 30, 45, 60 or 90 degrees.


Tray Drop - The Tray Drop property is only on the Cable Tray Drop shape.  This is a free form number field (any number in inches) that allows you to set the angle of the drop from anywhere from 0 degrees (flat) to 90 degrees (right angle). In the example below the Tray Length is set to 48” and the Tray Drop was then set to 24”. This will equal a 30-degree angle and the shape will automatically resize itself in order to maintain proper scale on a plan page.


drop example.png


Tray Drop Note Visible - The Tray Drop Note Visible property allows you to turn on/off the text shown in the example above.


Below is an example of these shapes being used on a Plan page:




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