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Create Users

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  1. Open the Manage Users form by going to the Control Panel interface and selecting Users.


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  1. Double-click the Users icon:


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  1. On the Manage Users form, click the [New] button.


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  1. Fill in the fields, select a Group from the dropdown. To truly make this person a User vs. just a Resource, click the "Can Sign In" option and then enter a User Name, Password, and assign them to a Group.




  1. When done click [Save and Close]:


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Send E-mail


You can send any new User an email that will contain their User Name, Password, Server Name, and Port Number - the information required to initially log in to SI 2017.


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The content of the email is editable if you want to add additional information:




The actual email that gets sent will also have a link to download the most current release of the SI 2017 Client so they can install it on their machine if that has not already been done.

What's Next


Log in and start working!

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