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Scheduling Backups

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You can use Windows Task Scheduler to automatically back up your SI 2018 Server. This auto-backup will keep the last 7  backup files on the backup folder.


If you used the Express Configuration when configuring the SI 2018 Server, the default location for your SI 2018 Backups is C:\DToolsSIXBackup. 


If you aren't sure how your SI 2018 Server was configured, you can always re-run the Software Configuration Wizard (SCW) to view your settings. To do this, run the following file on your SI 2018 Server then click the [Cancel] button once you've confirmed the location of your backup folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\D-Tools\SIX\Server\SIServerConfigurationWizard.exe


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If you wish to change the location of this folder, click the [<Back] button and then use the [...] button to browse to a different folder. Then click the [Next >] button a few times to complete the SCW:


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  1. In Windows, open Control Panel->Administrative Tools and then launch Task Scheduler.
  2. Click Action->Create Task...:


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  1. Enter a name and description for the task. Make sure you check the “Run with highest privileges” option:


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  1. Click the Triggers tab and then the [New...] button:


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  1. Define your backup schedule and click [OK]:


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  1. Click the Actions tab and then the [New...] button:


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  1. The action should be “Start a program”. Browse to the SIServerManager.exe file. By default the path is: C:\Program Files (x86)\D-Tools\SIX\Server\SIServerManager.exe. In the “Add arguments” section, make sure you enter /b as this is will allow the backup to be created with no prompts for interaction. When done click [OK]:




The backup file that gets created will be named “SIServerBackup_[Date].zip" and will be in your backup folder, again the default being C:\DToolsSIXBackup.


Each time this runs it will overwrite the previous backup. If there are any errors during the backup, they will logged here:


C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\D-Tools\SIX\Logs\SIServerManager – [Date].log

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