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Creating Change Orders



Once a Project is marked as approved, any additions or deletions must take place on a Change Order:


approved project.png


In this example we demonstrate creating a Change Order by deleting an item. A similar process also happens if you choose to add items to an approved Project.


  1. Open an approved Project. Notice that on an approved Project there is an "Approved" column for all of the items:


approved column.png


  1. Select an item or items and choose to delete them from the Project.The following message will display:


delete prompt.png


  1. Click [Yes]. Since there are no existing Change Orders, you will be prompted to create one:


create co prompt.png


  1. Click [Yes] and the following interface will open:


new change order.png


If you wish to change the name you can and you can also add any notes. You must also choose whether or not this is an External or an Internal Change Order.


External - This option assumes that the changes are "client requested" and the price of the Project is expected to change when the Change order is approved.

Internal - This option assumes that the changes are "engineering" changes. If you choose this option, when you add items to the approved Project you will get a prompt asking if you would like to mark the items as "Non-Billable" to avoid changing the price of the Project if the Change Order is approved.


add items to internal.png


Note: There is also a Project Setting to always mark items as "Non-Billable" so you don't get prompted for each addition.


If you attempt to mark an item for deletion on an "internal" change order you will get the following prompt letting you know that if you approve the Change Order that the price of the Project will be affected.


delete prompt internal.png


  1. Click [Save] and the Change Order will be created.


Every Change Order has its own unique Scope of Work, Price Adjustments, Taxes, and Misc. Items.


You will be prompted to select a Change Order when any additional additions/deletions to the approved Project after the first Change Order is created. From this interface you can also choose to create a new Change Order rather than add to an existing Change Order:


new change order button.png

Marking Items for Deletion


When you choose to delete an item from an approved Project, the item is only "marked for deletion" vs. being deleted from the Project. They display with an X next to them and all the fields display with a strike-through:


item marked for deletion.png


Only when a Change Order is approved will the items actually be deleted from the Project.


You can have the same items "marked for deletion" on multiple Change Orders at a time if needed. You can view which Change Orders an item is "marked for deletion" on via the CO Deleted Number(s) column on the Change Orders Layout.


co deleted numbers.png



There is now an Undelete function that can be used to remove an item marked for deletion on a Change Order. Just select the item and click the [Undelete] button:


undelete button.png



undelete prompt.png

Adding Items


When you add items to a Change Order, they display in the Project Editor with a + next to them and the text is green:


added item.png


You can view to which Change Order an item was added to via the CO Number column on the Change Orders Layout.


co number column.png


Change Order Filter


You can use the Change Order Filter to decide what items display in the Project Editor:


change order filter.png

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