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Import Clients from CSV

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You can import a .csv file of your existing clients in the Client Explorer:




The file you use should contain header rows and you will map your columns in the spreadsheet to fields within SI. If you would like a template .csv file in which to paste your data, you can create one Client manually (if none exist) in SI and then click the Export button and choose CSV->Selected.


export for template.jpg


This will show you all of the available fields for a Client and you can choose to export as few or as many as you'll need for your data.


client fields.jpg


You can then delete the record from the spreadsheet and use this template for your import since all columns will automatically mapped.



  1. In the Client Explorer click Import->CSV:


import csv.jpg


  1. You will be prompted to browse to your .csv file. Once you've selected your file the Map CSV File form will open:


map csv file.jpg


You will need to map the columns in your CSV file to Client Fields in the SI. Some fields will be pre-mapped if they are an exact match or if they are a close match. When you click the Map link next to an item you will then be able to select the appropriate field or you can unmap any field by clicking the [None] button on the form. When done click OK.


map fields.jpg


  1. The Import Clients from CSV form will open. Select the Clients you wish to import then click the Import and Close or Import button:


import list.jpg

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