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Viewing Products

There are multiple ways to view/find Products in your Catalog. Click Start->Catalog->Manage Products:




This will open the Product Explorer:


product explorer.jpg


You can view up to 10,000 Products per page via the drop down menu in the bottom right corner of the interface. Pagination controls display along the bottom:


count and pagination.jpg

Search Field


The Search field is one way to filter your Products:


search field.jpg


You can customize what fields are used in the search criteria via the Search Fields button:


search fields button.jpg


This will open the Select Product Search Fields form:


select fields.jpg

Column Filter


Most columns in the grid have a filter button to narrow your results:


column filter.jpg


Column filters only work on a per page basis, e.g. if you have three pages of data and apply a column filter, that filter only applies to the current page. If you are looking for filters that will affect all data regardless of what page you are on, use the Search Field, Quick Filter, or Queries.

Quick Filter and Queries


There are also Quick Filter and Query functions to filter your Products:


queries and quick filter.jpg



You can change what fields display in the grid via the Layouts tab. There are some preset layouts buttons and you can create your own  Custom Layouts:




Each layout has specific columns. Although you can resize and move columns, your changes will not be saved for next use. Custom Layouts are the only way to get the exact look you want each time you open the Product Explorer.

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