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Create QuickBooks Estimate from Service Order

This feature allows you to send the Labor Items and Products that have been added to a Service Order as an Estimate over to QuickBooks.


  1. From the Service Order Explorer or from within a Service Order itself, click the Create Estimate button in the QuickBooks section of the ribbon:


service orders explorer.jpg


create estimate editor.jpg


The Create Estimate from Service Order form will open:


qb estimate form.jpg

Select/Create Customer:Job

  1. You can select an existing Customer or Customer:Job from QuickBooks if they already exist. You can also create a new Customer:Job or just a new Job (if the Customer already exists in QuickBooks) via the New Customer and New Job buttons:


new customer.jpg


Click here for details on creating a new Customer:Job.


If notes have been entered for the Service Order, you can choose to include these on the Estimate:


include notes.jpg

Assign QuickBooks Item Numbers


Your QuickBooks Settings determine how your QuickBooks Items will be created.


If there are any Items in the Estimate that are not assigned to QuickBooks Items, you must do this before the Estimate will transfer to QuickBooks. If you click the Create Estimate button prior to doing this, you will be prompted to create new QuickBooks Items for all of the necessary Items. If you would rather map the Items to existing QuickBooks Items, click the Map button.


  1. Click the Export button.


If not all Items have been assigned QuickBooks Item numbers, you will get the following prompt. You must create/map all Items prior to pushing the Estimate to QuickBooks.


items not mapped.jpg


Click here for details.


Once all items have been assigned QuickBooks Items, the Estimate will export to QuickBooks and you will get a confirmation.

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