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Vendor Partners

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Vendor Partners provide pricing (Unit Cost) for many of their Products. This feature is for U.S. customers only and all pricing is in U.S. dollars. You can access this feature within the Vendor Explorer, Product Explorer, and Add Products from Library interfaces.


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Vendor Partner pricing accounts for Unit of Measure (UoM) and UoM Units. This could cause issues if you do not sell/price your speakers as singles. Many SI users do enter pricing for speakers as single units even though they are bought in pairs, primarily for accurate drawings in Visio or AutoCAD.


Bulk Wire - Wire that comes in a box, for example, may have a Unit Cost of $100, UoM of "Box", and UoM Unit set to 500. The Unit Cost that will be transferred to SI will be $.05 and the UoM and UoM Unit will populate the fields in SI.


Speakers - Speakers that are sold in pairs will also respect the UoM and UoM Unit in Vendor Partner data. If a pair of speakers has a Unit Cost of $100, UoM of "Pair", and UoM Unit of 2, the Unit Cost will populate as $50 and the UoM and UoM Unit will populate the fields in SI.


Bulk Items - Anything sold in bulk, for example faceplates or connectors, will also respect the UoM and UoM Unit in Vendor Partner data



First, check to make sure that the correct email addresses are entered in the "admin" user account and Company Information settings. The default email address is "guest@d-tools.com", which may cause a delay in connecting to a vendor.


In order to receive pricing from a Vendor Partner, you must sign up and have an account with them. You can manage your connection by clicking the Connect button:


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This will open the Connect to Vendor Partners dialog:


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Select a Vendor that you want to connect with. If they have a webpage for you sign up with them as a dealer the Sign Up button will be active that will take you to their site:


sign up.jpg


Once you receive your Account Number from the Vendor (or if you already had this information), select the Vendor in the list and click the Connect button:




You will be prompted to enter your account number and billing zip code:


connect to form.jpg


If you are not already a dealer for the selected Vendor, or if you've entered incorrect information above, you'll be asked if you want to send a request for approval to the Vendor:




Once a request has been sent, the Status will display as "Pending":




Once approved, the Vendor will display with a Status of "Approved" and your Pricing Tier will display. Every Vendor has their own price tiers and naming conventions:




This data will also display in the Vendor Explorer.


Once connected, any products (that Vendor has pricing for) you download from that Vendor will come down with the Unit Cost field populated. There will be a checkmark next in the Partner Set Cost column. If you manually change the Unit Cost, the checkmark will be removed.


partner set cost.jpg


The Preferred Vendor field will also be set:


preferred vendor.jpg


If you have downloaded any Products from this Vendor prior to connecting to them as a Vendor Partner, you can select the Vendor in the list and click the Find Products with Pricing Provided by Partner button. This will find all existing Products that have Vendor pricing available and list them and you can click the Update button to get the pricing and set the Preferred Vendor


find products.jpg


Moving forward you will use the Update Pricing functions described below to keep your pricing up to date.

Update Pricing


Click the Schedule Price Updates button to set your preferences for Price Updates:


schedule price updates.jpg


Here you can set the frequency for automatic updates, choose which of your Price Types you want the Unit Cost to be populated for, and choose your preference for what happens to your Unit Price when the Unit Cost is updated:


schedule form.jpg


You can also update pricing at any time by selecting one or more Vendor Partners and clicking the Update Pricing button and choosing "Selected" or "All":


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