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Wire Run Shape

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The Wire Run shape is intended to be used on Plan pages in Visio with a scaled floor plan to allow you to more accurately estimate the length of a wire run. The length can then be applied to existing wires in a Project (for unapproved Projects) or you can add new wires to the Project and apply the wire length to them.


wire run.jpg


Note: If you don't see this shape, click on Manage Stencils in your Stencil Tree and choose Download. This will open a form showing new and updated stencils that you can download. You will want to download the Wire Shapes stencil.


download new stencils.jpg


This shape will display whatever units you have set for the Visio page in the Page Properties:


page properties.jpg


The wire length will always be converted to either feet or meters when applying to wires, based on whether you are using Imperial or Metric measurements.


This shapes measurement value is also based on the Page Scale for the Visio Page so if you are using this shape on top of a floor plan you will want to make sure that your floor plan is inserted to scale:


drawing scale.jpg


To use the shape, first drag and drop the shape to the Visio page:


drag and drop.jpg


The shape has five sections by default and thus five midpoints:



To achieve your desired path you can move any midpoint which will add more sections to the shape. To do this, mouse over a midpoint until you see a double arrow.


move midpoint text.jpg


Click Shift on your keyboard and then click the mouse button and drag the midpoint in the direction desired:


move midpoint.jpg


Now you will have more "bends" in your Wire Run shape:


moved midpoint.jpg


Now you just drag the Wire Run shape's endpoints and midpoints to represent the path to the wire on the Visio page:


wire run path.jpg



Note: For this shape, it doesn't matter which ends of the shape are the "To" and "From" ends, this shape is just for calculating the length of the wire run.


You can then right-click the Wire Run shape and select "Apply Wire Length" to apply this length to either existing wires or you can add new wires to the Project and have them assigned this wire length.


apply wire length right click.jpg



This will open the following interface:


apply wire length form.jpg


Here you will see the length of the wire run shape in the "Wire Length on Wire Run Shape" field converted to either feet or meters (depending on your page settings in Visio). You can adjust this value manually in the "Wire Length to Apply" field or you can choose to add a contingency, either a percentage or a whole number. You might do this to account for wall height or to just give you a buffer for the wire run length.




You can choose to apply the wire length to existing wires in the project (for unapproved projects). Just select the wire(s) in the grid and click the Apply Wire Length button:


apply wire length button.jpg


You will get a confirmation:


apply confirmation.jpg


You can also click the Add Bulk Wire button if you want to add bulk wire to the Project:


add bulk wire button.jpg


This will open the Add Product form pre-filtered to only bulk wire in your Catalog:


add products form.jpg


Once you've selected the wires you want to add and click the Add and Close button you will be prompted to assign a head end to the wires (optional).


bulk wire prompt.jpg


Once you've applied the length to either existing wires or have added new wires, it is up to you whether or not to delete the Wire Run shape from the page and drag over the actual wires to the page, or keep the Wire Run shape on the page for reference.

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