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Add Button

One method for adding Items to a Project in the Project Editor is to click the Add button on the Home tab and selecting Products, Labor, Packages, Solutions, or From D-Tools Library.


add dropdown.jpg



These options will open a form similar to the Add Products form shown below:


add products form.jpg


Find what you are looking for via the Search field, Quick Filter, or column filters:


searching and filtering.jpg


Use the quantity fields next to the Items to change the quantity if desired:




You can change the Price Type if you wish:


change price type.jpg


At the bottom of the interface you can choose your Location(s) and System for the Products you are adding:


locations and systems.jpg


Click Add or Add and Close to add the items to the Project.


add and add and close.jpg


Adding Labor Items is very similar to the to adding Products.



When you click Add->Packages the following form will open:


add packages.jpg


When you select a Package on the left, the General tab for the Package is the default. You can change the quantity at the bottom of the Package list.


At the bottom of the General tab you can choose the Locations(s) and Systems or you can choose the "Items in package can be in different location and system" option which is a project-only 


There is a Price tab to review the pricing for the Package:


package price tab.jpg


There is an Items tab that will display the items in the Package:


package items tab.jpg



When you click Add->Solutions the following form will open which is essentially the same as the Add Package form described above, but filtered to just display Solutions. See Packages section above for the details of the various tabs.

Add From D-Tools Library


The Add->From D-Tools Library feature downloading a new Product from the D-Tools Library directly to the Project.


add from d-tools library.jpg


This opens up the Add Products From Library interface where you can choose what Products you wish to add. Once you close the Add Products from Library interface, the Products will then be added to the Project. The Products may also be automatically added to your Catalog based on the following option in the Add Products from Library interface:


add to project only.jpg


The Products will be assigned to whatever Location(s) and Zone that you have selected in your Drop Zone.


Keep in mind that Products added to the Project this way will have Validation Errors due to missing pricing.


validation errors.jpg


Once you edit the Product's price fields, you may want to then use the Update to Catalog feature depending on your User Group Permissions.

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