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Open Wire Connections

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The Wire Connections form allows you to export your wire connections made in either Visio or AutoCAD to an Excel file that can then be used however you see fit, e.g. importing into your wire label print device.


open wire connections.jpg


This will open the following form:


wire connections form.jpg


Here you can click the Column Chooser button to select what columns you wish to view/export:


column chooser.jpg



You can either select which wires you wish to export or choose to export the entire list via the Export button:




The following form will open confirming your column selections and allow you to change the separator for the CSV file if desired:


export fields.jpg


Click OK and you will be prompted to save the file. The file will then automatically open in Excel.



You can choose to disconnect wires here vs. on the drawing pages. You can select one or multiple wires in the list and click the Disconnect button and choose either From (Output) or To (Input):




Note: You should know that disconnecting wires here will not automatically disconnect the wires on existing drawings in Visio or AutoCAD, unless you have changed the following Project Setting to Yes:


project setting.jpg


This setting is set to No by default as it can cause delays when opening Visio and AutoCAD drawings while it scans for disconnected wires.


You can also manually run this function in Visio and AutoCAD via a right-click if you do not wish to change the setting above to Yes:


audit wire connections.jpg


Note: There is a similar function to this view the wire connections for a single wire in a Project. Click here for details.

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