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Adding Labor Items



The New button allows you to add a Labor Item from scratch to your Catalog via the Product Explorer.


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Required Fields


Manufacturer, Model, and Category are required fields, everything else is optional. What fields you fill in for a Labor Item will depend on what the Labor Item is for and how you intend to use it in SI. For a detailed description of all fields, see Labor Items.


These additional fields are useful and should be considered...Image is optional for Labor Items, you might want to put your company logo here.


Field Tab Purpose


Helps you find Labor Items quickly
Image General Can be displayed next to the Labor Item on Proposals
Short/Long Description Description

If a Long Description is entered, it will display on Proposal reports vs. the Short Description



The cost and price options for Labor Items are different than they are for Products. Click here for details on your options.



You can also clone existing Labor Items in your catalog via the Clone button.


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