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Re-register SI


Once you have purchased Mobile Quote licenses, you will need to re-register your SI Server to pull down the new licenses.


  1. Log in to any SI Client with a User that is assigned the Administrator User Group.
  2. Click Start->Help->Register:


start menu.jpg


  1. Enter your Product Key (if not pre-populated) and click the Register button:


register dialog 2.jpg


A confirmation of your registration update will display:


reg confirmation.jpg

Register your iPad® with SI




The first time you open the Mobile Quote app you will have the option of registering and syncing the app with SI or using the app in "trial" mode.


  1. Tap the Connect to SI button to register.


connect button.png


  1. Enter your SI Server's IP address or machine name, SI Username, and SI Password. The Port field will be pre-populated with 9011 and unless you changed this port when you configured your SI Server (not likely) you do not need to do anything with this field. Click the Register button.


registering ipad.png


You will get a confirmation that the device has been registered:


device validated.png



You will then be prompted to synchronize Mobile Quote with SI:


prompt to sync.png


If you have not already set up your Mobile Quote preferences/settings in SI you can skip this step if you wish until you have time to do that. You can always sync Mobile Quote with SI at any time via the sync button when viewing "My Quotes" in the app:


sync button.png

SI Settings


In the SI Control Panel there is a Mobile Devices section that allows you to manage your registered devices. Here you can unregister an iPad if you wish to register a different iPad. You can also purchase additional licenses.

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