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Task Reports

You can run a variety of reports for Tasks. You can open a Task for edit to run reports for a single Task:


reports editor.jpg


You can run reports for multiple Tasks at a time via the Reports button in the Task Explorer:


reports explorer.jpg


Either option opens the list of Task Reports that you can run:


task reports list.jpg


Task Detail and Task Detail (Aggregated)


This report displays all of the Items assigned to the Task, grouped by Location, with their estimated hours:


task detail.png


All items will list individually. If you want similar Items (same Manufacturer and Model) to aggregate quantities per Location, run the Task Detail (Aggregated) report.


These two reports have parameters that can modify how these reports display. Right-click the report and choose Edit Report Parameters:


edit parameters.jpg


These are the options:


report parameters.jpg


Display resources (with actual hours)?

This will display the Resource(s) on the Task and list their actual hours.


actual hours.jpg


Show Mobile Install Signature?

This will display the signature from the Mobile Install interface.


mi signature.jpg


Show Mobile Install Site Notes?

This will display the Site Notes from the Mobile Install interface.


site notes.jpg


Show Mobile Install Time Sheet?

This will display the Time Sheets for the Resource(s) on the Task. You must "Enable Time Sheets" in your Mobile Install Settings for this to apply.


time sheets.jpg

Task Packing List


The Packing List report displays each Item listed individually (Bulk Wire will be aggregated) with a place for the installer to fill in Serial Numbers if required:


packing list.png

Task Ship List


The Ship List report summarizes the Items on the Task and has a place for the Client to sign:


ship list.png


Task Item Labels


The Task Item Labels will display a label for each Item in the Task. This report is designed to run on Avery 5263 Mailing Labels:



Task Labor Analysis

Edit section

The Task Labor Analysis report will compare Actual Hours vs. Estimated Hours if you have filled in Actual Hours for your Resources, see Managing Tasks.



Task Labor Costing


The Task Labor Costing report will compare Actual Hours vs. Estimated Hours x the Resource's Rate if you have filled in Actual Hours for your Resources, see Managing Tasks.




Task Schedule (By Progress)


This report is generally run for multiple Tasks and displays scheduling information about the Tasks selected grouped by Progress.



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