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API Improvements and Release Notes

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The API-related improvements made on SI versions are listed on the release notes below:



  • Add Package and Solution information to project items API
  • Add Specification Fields on Catalog API
  • Add Assigned to, Sales Rep, Project Manager and Designer on project API
  • Add Note Field on Service Order API
  • Add Accounting item name, Product and Labor Custom fields on Service Orders API



  • Added server settings to store integrations to export on project check in (shared with all users)
  • Added new endpoint for RoundUnitPrice
  • Creating/Updating Labor Line Items on Project Creation and Project Updates



  • New API to export Service Plans, Service Orders, Purchase Orders and Tasks
  • API Automation - export (to the API) of updated catalog products every 24 hours
  • API Automation -  automate project creation, change order creation, product creation and client creation
  • API to support deleted of items with specific quantity in existing projects




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