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Service Order Reports



You can run a variety of reports for Service Orders. You can open a Service Order for edit to run reports for a single Service Order:




You can run reports for multiple Service Orders at a time via the [Reports] button in the Service Order Explorer:




Either option opens the list of Service Order Reports that you can run:



Service Order


This report displays information about the Service Order and any Repair Items, Labor Items, and Products that have been added:




Service Orders Cost Summary


The Service Orders Cost Summary report will display pricing and cost information for Labor Items and Products that have been added to the Service Order, see Managing Service Orders.



Service Orders Labor Costing


The Service Orders Labor Costing report will display the estimated resource hours (based off the duration) and the actual resource hours (based off of input actual hours) for the Service Order, see Managing Service Orders.



Service Orders Schedule (By Progress)


This report is generally run for multiple Service Orders and displays scheduling information about the Service Orders selected grouped by Progress.



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