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Add Selected Items To

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This feature allows you to add Products and Labor Items already in the Project Editors's Bill of Materials (BOM) to either new or existing Package, Allowance, or Bundled Cable.


add selected to.jpg


First select the items you wish to add to and then choose your option from the dropdown menu.



This will open a new Package (in this example) dialog with the selected items added. You will be required to enter a name.


new package.jpg



When you choose to add to an existing Package, Allowance, or Bundled Cable you will prompted to select which one you are added the selected items to:


existing package.jpg



Keep in mind that the changes you are making here, whether adding to a new or existing entity, exist only in the Project Editor and are not reflected out in your Catalog. You can always use the Update to Catalog feature if you wish to add any newly created Packages/Allowances/Bundled Cables to your Catalog.

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