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The Backlog view/report is one of the "Job Cost" views/reports in the Project Explorer, the other being Job Cost and Revenue. This view displays the remaining backlog of revenue yet to be earned/recognized for selected Projects.


job cost.jpg


The ability to run Job Cost reports is determined by your User Group Permissions.




Select the Projects you want to view and in the Job Cost section of the ribbon click Reports->Backlog:


backlog dropdown.jpg


This will open the Project Backlog form:

project backlog form.jpg


Below is a list of all of the fields available in this view.



Client Name.


Project Name.


Project Number.


Project Status.


Project State.

Actual Labor Cost

This is the actual cost of all approved Time Sheets for the Project.

Actual Product Cost

This is the actual cost of all Products in the Project that are either Installed, Picked, Received, or Ordered, based on your Job Cost Settings.

Total Actual Cost

This calculation is [Actual Labor Cost] + [Actual Product Cost]

Total Budgeted Cost

This is the cost of all items and labor in the Project.

Project % Complete

This calculation is ([Actual Product Cost] + [Actual Labor Cost]) / Total Budgeted Cost. This calculation can be overridden for Projects assigned a Status with a State of "Complete", see Job Cost Settings.

Project % Remaining

This calculation is 100 - [Project % Complete].

Hours Remaining

This calculation is [Budgeted Labor Hours] - [Actual Labor Hours]. Actual Labor Hours come from approved Time Sheets.

Total Project Price

This is the price of all items and labor in the Project.


This calculation is [Total Project Price] - ([Actual Labor Cost] + [Actual Product Cost]) / [Total Budgeted Cost] * [Total Project Price], i.e. [Total Project Price] - [Revenue Earned]

Project Manager

The user assigned to the Project Manager field in the Project

Sales Rep

The user assigned to the Sales Rep field in the Project.


The user assigned to the Designer field in the Project.

Assigned To

The user the Project is assigned to.


All Resources associated with the Project.


You can export this view to Excel or to PDF:



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