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Miscellaneous Items



Misc. Items are Items that do not exist in your SI Catalog. You create them on a per Project basis if you want to add untaxed Items to a Project. These are generally used for things like shipping charges or travel time.


These display on SI reports and are added to the total project number after taxes have been applied to all other items. No tax is applied to Misc. Items.



When you click the [Misc. Item] button in the New section of the ribbon within the Project Editor, the following form will open:


misc items interface.png


Fill in the fields and click [Save and Close]. You have access to Snippets here.


filled in form.png


You can also use the [Compute] button to calculate the price of the Miscellaneous Item as a percentage of items in the Project:


compute button.png


This will open the Compute Price from Project Items form. This form allows you to calculate the price based on all Items (Products and Labor), all Products, all Labor, or you can choose specific Products and Labor:



When you choose the radio button for specific Products and Labor, click the appropriate button to choose the specific Products or Labor Items from the Project:





You can also choose which field to use to make your calculation:



Note: Custom Fields 6-8 are Product/Labor Custom Fields.


The default setting is to recalculate price automatically when anything changes in the project and is valid when using the "all" options:



This means that if you delete/add Products or Labor Items that the Miscellaneous Item will recalculate its value.

Viewing/Editing/Deleting Misc. Items


In order to view/edit/delete Misc. Items from a Project, use the View button from the ribbon:



Select the Misc. Item and use the commands on the ribbon to Edit/Delete, or right-click to get options:


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