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Resource Hours

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The Resource Hours interface allows you to view and export the hours and costs for your Resources. Access to the Resource Hours interface is controlled by your User Group Permissions.





resource hours interface.jpg



This view is grouped by Role and displays the following fields:



Resource Name.

Pending Hours

The hours on Time Sheets that are pending.

Approved Hours

The hours on Time Sheets that have been approved.

Total Hours

[Pending Hours] + [Approved Hours]

Pending Count

Number of pending Time Sheets.

Approved Count

Number of approved Time Sheets.

Total Count

[Pending Count] + [Approved Count]

Approved Cost

The cost of Resources based on approved Time Sheets.


You can filter by date as well as by Resources or Projects on the the left side of the interface:




Each time the Resource Hours interface is opened, Time Sheets will automatically synchronize down from Tasks and Service Orders in Mobile Install. You can also manually synchronize any time by clicking the Mobile Install button in the Update From section of the ribbon:


update from mi.jpg


Click the Time Sheets button will open the Time Sheet Explorer filtered to whatever you are filtered to in the Resource Hours interface.


time sheets.jpg


You can export this view to either Excel or to PDF format:




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