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ConnectWise Manage is a third-party software for IT Software Management. This integration offers customers the ability to export SI Projects to ConnectWise Manage, eliminating double data entry and making it easier to manage projects that were originally designed in D-Tools.


This integration needs to be purchased on ConnectWise Marketplace first, and it is only available for Software Assurance (SA) Customers. Please note it is only supported by the latest version of D-Tools SI. In order to use this integration, you must first set it up. You will need an active ConnectWise Manage account to proceed.



1. In SI, go to Start->Control Panel, then open "Manage Integrations".


Important note: If this feature is not available, please send an email to api@d-toolshelp.com requesting access to this particular integration, and we will enable it for you. Please note you must be on the latest version of D-Tools and subscribing to Software Assurance (SA) to access this feature.



2. Click the "View API Key" link


3. Click the [Copy] button to copy your API Key and then close these windows.


4. Log in to your ConnectWise Manage account


5. Add the Integration key according to the instructions on this link

Link URL: http://help.gozynta.com/support/solutions/articles/44001173881-where-can-i-find-a-copy-of-the-user-guide-


Additional knowledge base (from Gozynta/Connectwise): http://help.gozynta.com


For additional details, please visit https://marketplace.connectwise.com/d-tools-connect


For ConnectWise Integration Support, please visit https://marketplace.connectwise.com/d-tools-connect#support


Exporting Projects


The way this integration feature works with ConnectWise is that you will export SI Project data and then import that data into ConnectWise Manage.


  1. From the Project Explorer in SI select the Project you wish to export, check it out (do not open, just check the project out) and then click the Integrations tab, then on the [Export] button:



  1. This will open a window showing all of your integrations. Click the checkbox next to ConnectWise Manage and then the [Export] button:


  1. You will get a confirmation once the Project has been exported: 



Check List

The check-list below is designed to help you successfully export projects from SI to ConnectWise. 

  1. Projects must have Start and End Date
  2. Projects must have a Client with a Default Contact assigned
  3. All Project_Items must exist on the D-Tools Catalog
  4. All Project_Items must have a Category and Subcategory
  5. Price Adjustments are not Supported yet. Please remove any price adjustment prior to Export



If you have any additional questions, please send an email to api@d-toolshelp.com 






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