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Inserting FreeTools Into a D-Tools Project






This explains how to insert a FreeTools drawing into a D-Tools SIX Project. 



This feature allows the user to keep the original graphics in the project while layering specific product and project information. This can be a very useful feature for salesperson and client driven projects.


There are two ways to get a FreeTools project into the D-Tools SIX application.  In Visio or in the Project Explorer

In Visio


  1. Start a new project in the Project Explorer
  2. Start a new Visio file for that project



  1. Go to the Add-Ins>>D-Tools>>Insert Drawing Pages menu on the Visio toolbar/ribbon



  1. Browse to the FreeTools drawing you would like to insert and check the pages you would like to be inserted into D-Tools.  D-Tools will add the pages you checked to the existing drawing pages.



  1. Right click on each symbol from the pages you just inserted and choose D-Tools>>Link to Product.  This will open a new UI and allow you to assign a specific product to that symbol.




In the Project Explorer


  1. Create a new project, or use an existing project.  In the bottom left of the screen there is an area to add, edit the files that are attached to the project.  
  2. Click Add and browse to the FreeTools project you want to add.



  1. Open the file up, you will get a dialog asking if you want to convert this drawing, click Yes.  This will turn the FreeTools drawing into a D-Tools drawing
  2. Assign the symbols in the drawing to specific product data by right clicking on the symbol and chose D-Tools>>Link to Product



Currently you can only assign a single product at a time to a specific shape.  Future versions will allow the user to assign multiple shapes with the same product.


Currently the project information in FreeTools does not come over into a D-Tools project.  Future versions of D-Tools will address this issue.

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