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Drawing Templates

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This explains the drawing templates available for FreeTools.



FreeTools comes with a number of pre-defined templates that represent most of the popular page sizes in both metric and imperial measurement units.


When you start a new project by clicking on the Create Project link of the FreeTools main you get a new UI asking to choose a page size as well as give the file a name. These page sizes correspond to the final printed page size.



When you choose and name a template click Create. This will open up Visio in a new drawing based on the template you selected. This new drawing page has a number of interesting features. We pre-programmed three drawing pages and a background page. By right-clicking on any of these pages you can edit these pages or add more pages.




All foreground pages reference the background page. The background page has a custom title bar that will automatically be populated with your company logo and company information from the setup process. If you add project information to the project that will show up as well. In addition the scale and page numbers will automatically populate. It should be noted that the page numbers will be referenced based on what the foreground page number is but the scale reference is always the scale of the background page where ​the title bar is located.



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