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How to Post Videos

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The actual video content should be stored on a third party like YouTube or Screencast.com.  The example below is from Screencast.com but the process is the same for both services.

  1. Go to Screencast.com and find the video you want to post
  2. Go to the Share Tab and copy the Embed on your page code
  3. File:Si5Wiki/zDiki_User_Guide/Tips_Tricks/How_to_Post_Videos/vid1.jpg

  4. Go to the area of the Diki where the content of the video is the most relevant and Edit the page and click on the source button.
  5. File:Si5Wiki/zDiki_User_Guide/Tips_Tricks/How_to_Post_Videos/vid2.jpg

  6. Go to the area where you want the video to show up in the HTML source and paste the embedded code from Screencast on to the page.
  7. The Screencast videos are full size so you will want to make them smaller for proper display in the Diki.  YouTube is pretty much OK.  There are two places where you need to change the source find width ="####" height="###".  Replace the ###'s with "425" for the width and "344" for the height.  Remember there are two places to do this.  Save.
  8. File:Si5Wiki/zDiki_User_Guide/Tips_Tricks/How_to_Post_Videos/vid3.jpg

  9. Remove the following text from the beginning of the tag: id="scPlayer"  The first line should now look like this:


  1. Go to the Video Tutorials page and Edit and add the name of the video in the appropriate section.  Highlight the video name and click the hyperlink button.  That should do a search of the Diki.  Find the page were you added the video code and press OK.
  2. That is it.
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