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Upgrade SI4 to SI5.5

What you will need:

1.        Your MasterTable files from SI4   This usually consists of 3 files stored in C:\Program Files\D-Tools\SI4   

·         MasterTable.mdb

·         MasterTableImages.mdb

·         MasterTableEquipmentLogos.mdb

(You may not have all 3 files and if not just grab “MasterTable.mdb”)


2.        Your Project files from SI4.  Generally these are stored in C:\D-Tools Projects but you may have set this folder up in a location of your choosing.


Installing SI5.5

Before you start the installation please verify that your system meets our system requirements

Download and Install

The process of upgrading to SI5.5 from SI4 is a simple process in that you aren’t really “upgrading” any existing installations of version 4.   SI5.5 and SI4 work independently of one another.  Your next step in this process after gathering your SI4 data is simply to install version 5.5.  We have provided documentation on this process which you can read installation guide here:  

This is the “Trial” installation of SI5.5.  This installation is a full install the only difference between a trial and a full version is the License Key that is used to register.


NOTE: If you are in need of an Estimator installation (stand alone install with no server license) then Email Support mailto:support@d-tools.com for the Estimator download link.


Once finished with the Installation of SI 5.5 all that is left is to import your SI4 product data and your SI4 projects into version 5.5


Importing SI4 data into SI5.5

Converting Product Data

1.        Within the SI5 Navigator click “Manage Data”


2.        On the Navigator Bar click “Open Manage my Product Data”


3.        Within the MMPD (Manage my Product Data)  Click the “Administration” tab at the top.  Then click the “Database” subtab.


4.        Under the last option “Convert a local product database from a previous version of System Integrator”  Click “Browse”


5.        Browse to the location of your SI4 MasterTable files and select the “MasterTable.mdb” file   Click [Open]


6.        Click [Convert]


Once the conversion process is complete click the product grid and make sure your database has been imported into 5.5 successfully.


Importing Project Files

1.        Click the “Projects” Tab within the SI5.5 Navigator.


2.        Click “Import a Project” from the Navigation Bar.


3.        Click “Next” in the Import a Project wizard window.


4.        Click “Browse”


5.        Browse to the location of the SI4 project you wish to import.  Select the .dtl file and click “Open”


6.        Select the creator of the project if none are on the list make yourself the creator.  Choose the drawing files, word documents or any project related files you wish to import with the project  (Do Not select revision files (.dtlrev files). SI4 revision files are not converted to an SI5 format upon import and as such will not function properly in SI 5.)  Once done click "Next".

NOTE:  Because SI4 revisions are not converted into an SI5 project format we recommend any SI4 projects which may need change order reports be completed using SI4.


7.        Click “Import”  

Any projects which are imported along with Visio Drawings will be opened in Visio.  This process is necessary to discard the digital signature on the drawings.  The prompts within Visio are purely informative and all you need to do is click OK on both prompts and then close the visio drawing.   Save if prompted.


8.        Once finished click  “Close”


Repeat the above steps for any additional projects you wish to import.



SI4 Legacy Reporting

You can still use the SI4 reporting system within SI5.  This is called the "Legacy Reporting System".

You simply need to have the SI4 Client components installed on the same machine as the SI 5.5 Client.  For this to work SI4 does not have to be registered it just needs to be installed.   See for more information.




If you have any questions or trouble with the steps above please contact support by submitting an issue on our website.


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