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Moving Estimator to a New Computer

The process of moving data from Estimator to a new machine is a manual process which requires a way to transfer files between two computers either using network shares or removable drives.


STEP 1:  Backup Data and Projects

Gather the following information from your old system.

Projects Folder

Default location is My Documents\D-Tools SI5 Projects

Local Database

The “Database” consists of a database file and a visualizations folder and their location depends on your operating system.

Folders listed in RED text are hidden by default. 

Linked below are instructions to display hidden files and folders for the corresponding operating systems as well as the locations of the database files you will need to gather.

XP:  XP Hidden files and folders
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\D-Tools\SI 5\MasterTable.mdb
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\D-Tools\SI 5\Visualizations

Vista \ Windows 7:  Vista/Windows 7 Hidden files and folders

STEP 2: Download and Install Estimator

Once you have the files listed above for your database and your projects you will need to download Estimator, extract it from the zip file, and then install Estimator

Use the same key you had previously registered.  If you do not have your key or need your key released please contact D-Tools Support

STEP 3:  Restore Data

Once installed copy the database MasterTable.mdb file and the Visualizations folder onto your new computer and to the appropriate location as listed previously.

Do not copy the project folder over to the same location.  To add the projects back into the system they must be imported one at a time, using the "Import a Project" function found on the projects page.



If you have SI5.5 Professional please follow the process to Move SI5.5 Professional with a  Server.

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