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Producing Prototypes

Conceptualizing and Producing AutoCAD prototypes

As the AutoCAD Product Engineer at D-Tools, for the past few months I have been working on a project we called the AutoCAD Schematic Drawing Prototype. The development team under the leadership of our CTO, Corey Krehel, decided to expand our System Integration functionality a bit for the Commercial install market. To do this, Corey suggested that we put together a prototype based on feedback and schematic samples from customers and prospects. We used this information to develop the functionality that is now available in our prototype.

After hearing some complaints about the limitations of other commercial oriented products, such as operational difficulty and poor flexibility, we were motivated to begin development on a very usable AutoCAD solution. We aspire to step up and meet the need of those customers who have complained about other products on the market. Some of the most requested features were the Patch Bay Wire, the Off Page Reference Block, and the Editable Schematic Block among others. Some customers prefer to create very detailed schematics; some go very simple. The hard part is to make everyone happy; but it’s something I believe we can do with enough hard work.

I’d like to give you a better idea about one of the prototype features I mentioned above, the Editable Schematic Block: This Block is an empty schematic block, you will be able to add, move and remove IO’s from a predetermined list or manually. Also you can drag and drop IO’s from the block tree. You will be able to stretch the block in vertical and horizontal directions, this block can change color, hide or show pin terminals. And you can modify the properties of the block information (Manufacturer, Model, ComponentID) such as text size, text style and color.

We are excited about the opportunity to receive feedback from existing and potential customers. The development team will take your feedback and use to mold the production version of our AutoCAD implementation. If you are interested in learning more please visit this link http://downloads.d-tools.com/si5/videos/acad/AutoCADToolkit.aspx to view the videos on our AutoCAD Drawing Schematic Prototype. Make sure you come back and check our blog again; I’ll post more information on some new features we intend to prototype in the coming weeks. Those include but are not limited to; Card Frame functionality, enhanced camera functionality and Riser diagrams. Feel free to respond to this blog post- I’d love to hear from you¦thanks for reading¦ Vic



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