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Stencil Management

The D-Tools/Visio shapes are stored in Visio stencil files that have the extension.vss.  These shapes are located in the Visualizations folders on your local machine.  If you have XP they are here:  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\D-Tools\SI 5\Visualizations\Stencils  In Vista/Win7 They are here: C:\ProgramData\D-Tools\Si5\Visualizations\Stencils  In some cases the stencils may be on a server, check with your IT admin as to the location.

Add a shape to an existing stencil

  1. Start SI5 and any Visio drawing
  2. Open the D-Tools Stencil Tree in Visio.  D-Tools Main Menu>>View>>Display Stencil Tree if not already open
  3. File:Si5Wiki/SI5/08Visio_Interface/zTips_Tricks/SmartShapes_Explained/Add_Shapes_to_Existing_Stencil/a1.jpg

  4. Open the specific D-Tools Stencil you want add a shape to by right clicking on the specific stencil name in the tree and choose Display Docked Stencil.  This will open the stencil for editing in the lower left of the drawing area.  See missing stencil if you have a problem.
  5. File:Si5Wiki/SI5/08Visio_Interface/zTips_Tricks/SmartShapes_Explained/Add_Shapes_to_Existing_Stencil/a2.jpg

  6. Right click on the docked stencil name and choose Edit stencil
  7. File:Si5Wiki/SI5/08Visio_Interface/zTips_Tricks/SmartShapes_Explained/Add_Shapes_to_Existing_Stencil/a3.jpg

  8. Open the stencil that has the shape you want to add to the D-Tools stencil by using the Visio File>>Open and brows to where it is.
  9. Drag the shape from the stencil you just opened into the D-Tools Visio stencil
  10. Save by clicking on the Disk icon of the stencil.

Add Stencils to SI5 so they show up in the stencil tree

If you don't want to follow all of the steps above just put the new stencil in the file locations mentioned above.  They will show up in the stencil tree under Custom. 


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