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Show IO

How to always show I/O’s from top to bottom

In Visio when we drop schematic shapes we see input ports and output ports “bottom to top” by default i.e. the first port appears at bottom and the last port at top. Take a look at this image – the first output port appears at the bottom and the last one at the top.


You can right click the schematic shape and click “Show Terminals Top To Bottom” and the ports will rearrange themselves top to bottom i.e. the first port appears at top and the last at bottom.


The schematic will now show all ports Top to Bottom as shown below.


Now you may want to always shows IO’s top to bottom and you do not want to change the setting for each shape as and when they are dropped.

To do this in a schematic page right click a shape and click D-Tools | Terminal Options.


In the “Terminal Options” dialog you have an option “Show I/O terminals from top to bottom” – check this and the following will happen -

  1. Any schematic shape already on the current page will show ports top to bottom
  2. Any new schematic shape you drop to page will default to Top To Bottom.

Note: When you change port display from “bottom to top” to “top to bottom” any connected wires still remain connected.




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