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Manage Wire

SI5.5: Managing Wire Connections

wire-connection-options1Wire Connection Options is a new enhancement tool to create schematics that SI5.5 provides for D-Tools’ Users.  Many D-Tools customers have requested that the auto-wire connection check functionality be improved. SI5.5 gives users the option to manage how and when to check drawings for wire connection conflicts.

Our AutoCAD and Visio drawing tools detect wiring conflicts and prompts the user to resolve the conflict. This is an important feature to help users detect possible wire connection conflicts while engineering a system.  D-Tools System Integrator software detects when a wire has allready been used, or connected differently in another drawing to help ensure that your schematics are correct.  In previous versions users had no control over how and when wire connections would be checked. Customers often complained that the connection check interupted or slowed down their work.

In SI5.5 we have improved the connection checking. Now users can control how and when to prompt on conflict and what to do with the duplicated connection, such as keep/remove connection on drawing, while keeping or removing new or old connection in the database. When the prompt on conflict is off, then the user can check connections manually at any time while creating schematics. Check connections will eliminate duplicate connections on drawing page and keep tracking on the database connections based on user’s wire connection options preference.

The Wire Connection Options and Check Connections work for both AutoCAD and Visio, and has been added to the D-Tools right click menu. To learned more on how this enhancement tool works, please click here to watch the video.



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