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Change Title Logo

Change Logo in the Visio Title Frame

 SI5.5 Visio drawings show the D-Tools logo by default in the title frame on all drawing pages.  The application “TitleFrameLogoChange.exe” will replace the D-tools logo with a logo selected by you.  Once you update your logo new D-Tools Visio drawings you create will use the new logo (existing drawings are not impacted).

The title frame shape is named “Smart Frame L-scape” and this master shape exists in the “DT Annotations.vss” stencil file.  The logo change program first backs up the “DT Annotations.vss” file in a “Backup” folder under the “Stencils” folder (in case of any problems this backup can be restored). This “DT Annotations.vss” stencil file is present in “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users \Application Data\D-Tools\SI5\Visualizations\Stencils” for Windows XP and “C:\ProgramData\D-Tools\SI5\Visualizations\Stencils” for Vista.

To download the application click here.

  1. Double click TitleFrameLogoChange.exe.
  2. Click the “Update Logo” button.
  3. The “Select Company Logo for Visio templates” dialog prompts user to select an image file. The application will show the contents of the “Images” folder by default (where D-Tools stores the Company Logo from your Setup tab as well as your product images) but you can browse to another folder if your logo exists elsewhere.
  4. The selected file replaces the logo in the “Smart Frame L-scape” shape in the “DT Annotations.vss” stencil file.  Any new D-Tools Visio drawings you create will use this new logo. Old drawings are not impacted.
  5. If you have any problem with the logo change you can restore the backup of the “DT Annotations.vss” stencil file kept in a folder called “Backup” under the “Stencils” folder (to restore copy from “Backup” to “Stencils” folder).
  6. The Visio pages for new D-Tools Visio drawings will use the selected logo as shown below.



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